Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feeling Very Blessed

Caden runs faster than I can and always ends up with some kind of wound on his face. He is always smiling and loves to hug and kiss! He is so sweet. I'm so blessed to be his MOMMY!

Corbin graduated preschool today!

He loved preschool. He had the best teacher too. He is a super smart boy! He work hard and was a very good student. He followed rules really well and made a lot of good friends. He is such a friendly kid! He learned so much this year. Now he is ready for Kinder! I will miss having him at home. He is my special little buddy and a big help! He is the first one to offer to help with any chores. He follows dad around trying to help with whatever he needs. He has a very fun personality that keeps us all laughing!

Titan took third place in our Pack Pinewood Derby! He worked hard on his car and was so excited when he took third!

Here he is cheering on his car!

Titan is a special boy. He is so kind to others. I had a parent teacher conference last week with his teacher and she said that he is the highest academic performing student in her class. He always does his best and he scored 100% on all the benchmark test! He made honor roll. Way to go Titan!! She also said that he is the most responsible student and she is always calling on him to run errands because she knows she can trust Titan. The only problem she has with him is that no matter where he sits in class the other students want to chat with him. He is friends with everyone! He is a good hearted boy and I am so pleased with the path he is choosing to take in his life!

Orion with a few of the other Webelos.

Orion took 2nd place in the Scooter race during field day! He raced his heart out against 25 other students.

Orion got a letter in the mail a few months ago inviting him to a FANCY breakfast in his honor. He was chosen by the Sunrise Optimist Club for his outstanding performance in school. This includes honesty, respect, academics, kindness, responsibility, and over all performance. They chose 2 students from each Elementary school in Casa Grande. Orion has 600 kids in his school. I was so excited they chose him!! They had a former professional football player speak and the President spoke and they handed out the awards. They served us this Super fancy breakfast! I am so happy for Orion. He truly deserves it. He is always a friend to everyone. He always does his best in everything he does. He is VERY honest. Sometimes too honest, but I guess it is a good thing!

This is Orion's last Pinewood Derby. He has already earned his Webelos and is working on his Arrow of Light. He chose to build his dad's truck. He did a great job!

Orion had to do this to earn his artist pin in Cub Scouts. He drew a profile picture of Shay. It looked just like him!

He is a good friend to everyone. He loves Scouting! He is a good leader to his younger brothers. I am so pleased with him and the way he presents himself. I had a parents conference with his teacher last week. He also made Honor Roll! She said that Orion is always choosing the right and he holds his standards high.She is not LDS, but said that Orion stands by his beliefs and she admires him for that! She said he works really hard. She said he didn't do so well on a math test last quarter and so he studied and asked questions and learned everything he didn't know and scored 98% on the next one! Good job Orion!!

Finally I need to BRAG about my amazing husband..... He is the hardest working man I have ever met. He is either at work or doing service for others or helping with the kids or fixing things around the house or being the best Cub Master in the history of Cub Scouts! I am not kidding. This man never stops going!! And besides all that he is always there for me and our kids whenever we need him. He includes us in everything he does.

He will have our back yard done in a few weeks. He laid out the sprinkling system today.

Here he is with a few of his Scouts from the Pack!

I am the second counselor in Primary so I get to work close with Shay in the Cub Scouts. It has been a blast! He is the best Cub Master ever. He loves the boys so much and truly gives his all.

I know where my boys get it from and I am so thankful to have Shay as their father and MY Man! I feel so blessed to have such amazing boys in my life. If they all grow to become men like their daddy what a great blessing that will be to this world!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Caden's First Birthday!

After everyone took a wack at this pinata, we had Caden pull on the strings that open a magic door and let all the candy out!
He loved playing at the park.

He is very spoiled!!!

He didn't know what to think about the birthday candle.

He didn't want to get his hands dirty so he tried leaning down and biting. It was so funny!

But as you can see, he changed his mind about keeping his hands clean!

He was really having a good time now.

Happy first birthday Caden! We had a little birthday party at Villago Park last night for him. We had grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and others come and celebrate with us. He enjoyed his special day! Caden is so sweet. He loves being around his brothers. He has grown so fast. He likes to play with trucks and sports balls. He loves to dance. He loves to smile. He loves to cuddle. He has brought so much happiness into our lives. He is my special boy. We feel so blessed to get to raise this sweet little spirit!