Wednesday, March 6, 2013

September 2012

Our September was busy with sports and school but the best day was Sep 27th! Titan turned 12!
 Titan is a Deacon! He was called last week to be the Deacons President. It's really a good thing for Titan. He is pretty shy and hates speaking n front of people. Now he gets to lead about 8 boys and stand up each week to conduct their meetings. I know this is preparing him for his mission! He is such a good person. He is always thinking about others. He is the one who stands up for those that are being bullied or sits by the kid who sits alone. We are so pleased with the person Titan is. He is amazing and he is spreading the light of Christ to everyone that comes into contact with him. We love you bud!
 Titan got BYU hoodie, NFL game, survival bracelets, some Priesthood books, cash and BYU tickets for his birthday! He was so excited. Football is his life and he loves BYU!
We had a blast at this game! It was so much fun and BYU won so it made it even better!

 Crazy man! I love him. Always making me laugh. :)

 Orion and Ryan, they look so much alike...its crazy.

Corbin is a character. He loved the game and was cheering the whole time.  



 Football was our life in Sep. Titan played hard and did so good. He played running back and defensive tackle.
 Here he is running the ball! #14!
 This was a cool play. The kid in the white and red in front of him is going to catch the ball and Titan laid him out. It was great! He is a beast!
They couldn't stop him. The coaches called him a work horse. He just kept going. He has a love for the game. He had a great season on this team. Then he tried out for the traveling team and got a spot as #1 running back!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our Very Special October 2012

 Corbin was baptized on Oct 13th!
 We are so proud of him and his choice to follow the Savior, Jesus Christ. He is such a strong spirit. He knows what he wants in life and he isn't afraid of going after it. He is a leader and is kind to everyone around him. He will make a good missionary someday. Corbin we love you!
 These are Corbin's best buds. They were all baptized on the same day! We had a lunch afterwards with them and their families. It was great!
 Jana and her pumpkin. Daddy helped her make a vampire.
 Orion with his BYU pumpkin! He loves BYU.
 Titan being "Titan". lol. He is such a fun kid!
 Goofy Corbin...just like his dad!
 Caden is following right along in his footsteps. Crazy boys!
 For during the day, Caden was Superman on Halloween!
 Corbin's creepy costume.

 Jana wanted to be a pirate! Cute pirate huh?
 And by night Corbin and Caden had changed their costumes. They all look great!
 I made Orion paint his face. He wasn't happy with Titan made a perfect Joker!
This was my big project during Oct. My cousin, Ricci and I decided we would sand and stain my kitchen table. We thought it would take us a day or two. We were SO wrong. It was seriously one of the hardest projects I have ever done. It took 5 days of hard physical work. We worked every hour of daylight. (Thanks Ricci!) But the finished project was so worth it! I love it!

Monday, February 18, 2013

November 2012

In Nov. we headed to Mesquite, NV for Titans football tournament. Titan tried out for the traveling team and got a spot as 1st wide receiver. He also played 2nd defensive end. He worked hard before football season and lost 15lbs so that he could run the ball. He is really good!   
 Jana and her cousin baby Crew.
 Swimming with cousin Elaina May.
 Orion showing off his muscles! HAHA!
This is my niece, Shon's daughter, Alexa Jade. She and Jana were so cute together!

This was on our Hotel room door when we arrived. It has his number, #14,  and name. It was a cool surprise!

The team swimming. Orion is being thrown into the pool.

 The kids had a blast on our little trip!

Proud Dad. He was so tense!

Titan playing defense.
Captains and coaches out on the field before the game. Titan is number #14.


They had the boys ride on the fire trucks to welcome them home. Everyone in Vernal were parked on the side of main street to congratulate them. It was so cool!

Part of the team.
This was by far the high light of this vacation! Titan made the first touch down of this game. He is on the ground holding the ball. See the teammate behind him holding up his arms. This was such an intense play. Titan marched the ball all the way down the field and finally punched it in. It was so sweet! He had all of us, Ricci Harvey, Lee and Ruby Harvey and Craig and Jenny on the side lines cheering him on during the tournament. It was a blast! 
Orion also had his first piano recital in Nov. He started lessons in Aug. For this recital he played "I'm Coming Home" By Diddy. He did an amazing job! His teacher was so impressed with him. He is very musical and can play just about anything. He usually plays by ear. He wanted to take lessons to learn to read the notes better. We were so proud of him!

AMAZING!! Seriously talented!

This is the only picture I took on Thanksgiving! We had a nice dinner at our house with Curtis and Ricci Harvey. Right after dinner we took off shopping and didn't get done until Friday morning! LOL. It was a great day. We had tons of yummy food and great company!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

December 2012

 Snow, Snow and more Snow!
This was our giant snowman! Shay and the kids built him.

The snowman is taller than I am!

The kids loved playing outside in the snow.


Christmas eve cookies. We made tons for Santa!

We acted out the nativity. Shay was our narrator. Don't the boys look thrilled? lol! 

Santa's PJ elves left PJs for everyone on our door step! Everyone had new PJs!


Our Mary and Joseph!

 Craziness! Everyone is super excited on Christmas Eve!
 Yummy cookies for Santa!
 He ate them all!!
Christmas morning. :) Yes, it is still dark outside. Shay couldn't sleep so he started making breakfast at 4:00am. He was banging pots and pans around in the kitchen. It was great!

Sledding the day after Christmas!

 December has to be one of my favorite months. Focusing on our Savior and giving...what could be better. We had a great month. Each of our children worked off $30. They earned money to buy each other gifts this year. It was neat to see their hard work and sacrifice for each other. I loved watching them the night we went shopping for each other...they were so careful and thoughtful in their gifts. This will be a tradition that we will continue! It was a wonderful Christmas!