Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness

What a busy month so far! Here we are making our blankets for the Disneyland "Give a Day Get a Day" It was such a neat experience.

We signed up to make blankets for homeless or sick children. We read stories about children who received blankets in the passed and how it made them feel. The kids were more excited about who was going to be getting these blankets than going to Disneyland. It was so much fun!

Orion's science experiment. Whew... Lots of work! Orion chose to shoot different kinds of liquids into the air with these homemade rockets and see which liquid goes the highest.

It was so messy but all the boys enjoyed it!

Total Daddy's girl! She wants him over me which has never happened with our kids. I must say sometimes it makes me want to cry!

Here she is trapped.

Jana had her tear duct surgery on Friday the 12th. She did so good. Orion gave her this little stuffed animal to take with her into surgery. She held onto it the whole time.

That night Daddy brought her home a rose.

She just wanted to eat it. She loved tearing it apart!

Caden turned 2 on March 2nd. We had a little party for him on his birthday. He was so sick but still had a ton of fun. He enjoys being the center of attention.

Caden is such a cute little boy. He is full of energy! He loves to play with his brothers. He sings songs all day. Some of his favorite are Once there was a Snowman, Jingle Bells, ABC, Popcorn Popping, and Twinkle little star. He loves to play trucks and any kind of sport. If the boys are playing football or baseball he wants to be out there too. He loves to be outside. He has never sat and watched a TV show. ( I wish he would) I guess he is too busy for TV. His favorite saying right now is "I did it!" He loves to give hugs and kisses. At his last doc visit he was 37 pounds. He was in the 95% for height and weight. BIG boy! He brings so much joy into our home. I am so happy to be his Mommy. Happy Birthday Caden!

Jana does this little fish puckering thing with her lips. It is so cute!

We had a big family party for Caden on Sat. the 13th. We went to Villago park. Caden loves to be outside so it was so perfect for him!

Jana yelling at everyone next to Great Grandpa Harvey.

Caden after eating his cupcakes.

Grandpa gave Jana some frosting. She loved it and wanted more so she grabbed the whole cupcake.

Caden got this bike for his birthday. It makes all kinds of noises. YEA!

Corbin says "Mom check out my bling" He cracks me up!

Caden tackling Titan.

Blowing out his 2 candles.

He got some fun toys from his grandmas and pas!

What a little stud!

He loves football!

The future QB for BYU.
We have had a busy March so far. Caden's birthday was the highlight of our month so far. He is growing so fast. Jana's surgery went perfect and we couldn't ask for more. I know I've been posting a ton of pictures all at once, sorry. When I have a few minutes to do it I like to get it all in there. I'm sure you all know how it is!