Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jana Rose

Jana loved having her pictures taken. She did so good while my cousin, Ricci, took these pictures. She is such a beautiful little princess and everyone in our home just adores her!

One of my very favorite! She is such an angel!

Also a favorite!

Love this pout look on her face!

I love this too!


 Jana and her cousin Sofie. Sofie lives across the street. These girls are best friends. Its so cute!
Little miss attitude! I didn't realize how different our home would be after having a girl. Its a whole new world. She runs the house and all her brothers bow down to She is so sweet though!

This picture has special meaning. Jana has to be sucking on a soft material to comfort herself or to fall asleep. I love that Ricci got this picture!
This was a lot of fun. Jana is growing up so fast. She will be 3 in July! But she is still our baby. Jana loves to sing and dance. She sings all day. Sometimes random made up songs. Its so fun. She will be starting dance classes on Monday. She loves princesses, Dora, and anything PINK. She is very smart and sometimes uses words that I don't even know! She loves to talk. She has a special place in her heart for her daddy. She lights up when he is around. She loves to play mom to her brothers. She will tell them to buckle their seat belt or to go to bed at night. She even counts! We love having her in our family. She bring so much joy to us!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Young Family Pictures 2012

We have been so busy lately. I can't believe it's almost June! I just downloaded all my pictures and will be posting tons in the next few days. I will just start from Feb and work my way through the missed months. We just got some super cute family pictures done so I'm posting those now! Can't wait to show off my amazing family! :)
 This picture has special meaning to our family. Our Motto is "No Empty Chairs"
 My Cousin Ricci took our pictures. She does such a great job and has so much patience with my kids! It was so hard getting everyone to look, smile and hold still but we had a few laughs and tons of fun!

Love these pics! We had them done at Dry Fork. So beautiful!
Caden has such big amazing eyes!
 Titan is getting so big and handsome...crazy how fast time goes by.

 Titan has those broad shoulders just like his daddy. Good for football!
 Corbin has been known as "the monkey" in our family. This picture is perfect!
 Ricci brought these awesome lollipops. As you can see we had a ton of fun. Ricci was laughing so hard she said she couldn't hold the camera still.
 My awesome kids!
 Jana Rose is so sweet and beautiful. She had other pictures taken in her Easter dress. I will post them soon.

 Corbin the stud!

 Orion is growing up. He looks like a young man...I guess he is a young man! Such a good looking guy!

 The couple pictures are always tons of fun. Love being married to this man!

This picture was so funny. Do you see Corbin's face? He was kneeling on a rock and it was killing him. And Shay was smiling but yelling at Jana to smile through his teeth. It was hilarious!
 Titan is so funny. ALWAYS joking! We were taking pictures and looked over and he had his pants hiked up with a piece of straw in his mouth. lol! Before we moved to Vernal he would do that and joke about moving to a small town. Here we are. Officially Hill Billys!
 He drew in the rest of the crew...handsome aren't they?
What a lucky girl I am! We had a blast...thanks so much Ricci, you did a great job once again!