Thursday, December 25, 2008


We had a special visitor during our family party at our house!
Santa brought everyone a gift.

Caden was so scared of Santa. He would start shaking when he would get close to him!

We read from the scriptures about our Saviors birth while the children acted it out. Orion sang a solo while Grandma played the piano and Grandpa played the guitar.

Corbin was Joseph , Mckayla was Mary, Jacob was baby Jesus, Orion, Devon and Caden were Wise men, Titan was a Shepherd (peanut was his sheep) and Melissa was an angel.

Our little Wise man!

Christmas morning!

Corbin asked Santa for tools.

Corbin with his trophy from Titan.

Orion with his best brother pen and dinosaur bone.

Caden opening his stocking.

Our house will never be the same. It is covered with toys!

Caden's first Christmas!

Before the kids got to the tree!

Here they are waiting at the top of the stairs EARLY in the morning!

Christmas eve right before bed time, we tracked Santa to see where he was. He was in Canada .
We had so much fun. I am so thankful to celebrate my Saviors birth with my family. This year there was a lot of thought put into each gift. Our boys worked off money to spend at the Kid's holiday store at their school. We had no idea what they bought. Each gift was so special and they were so excited to GIVE this year. I found so much joy in watching them give each other their gifts and then hug each other . Shay always spoils me, but this year he did something so sweet. He wrapped a card ,he had wrote a very special letter in, in a big box full of lots of heavy stuff. I had no idea there was a card in there. He spent a lot of time writing a very special letter to me. Also inside the card was 2 gift certificates. One for Chilli's (date night) and one for Old Navy. He also got me other things,but this topped the list by far. What a special guy he is! His kinds words were the greatest gift he could have ever given me. I am so thankful to know I have a Savior and to be able to teach my children about Him. It was a great day at the Young's house!
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well..... Shay and I got a BIG happy surprise! We are really excited to have a new addition added to our family in July. Yes.... we are VERY nervous, but at the same time we knew we wanted one more and it just happened a little sooner than we had in mind. I went in for an ultrasound today and discovered that I am 11 weeks and 1 day. I haven't been sick at all. I have only been a little more tired than normal. The boys are so excited!! We told Orion first.He was very excited! He has been begging for us to have more kids. He says he wants 10 brothers. (half way there!) He is such a good leader to his brothers. Titan's reaction was " another one?" We had to laugh. Corbin has always thought there was a baby in my belly so it wasn't news to him at all. Poor baby Caden has no idea what is going on. Everyone here is really happy about the news!

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Family Pictures!

That's Corbin for you!
A friend of ours took our pictures down at the Picacho farm. ( Thanks Jen! They turned out great!) We had so much fun getting them taken. The boys loved the leaves.

Caden didn't want to walk in the leaves, he wanted to eat them.

We had so much fun in the leaves. It was so beautiful down there. This picture is of our leaf fight.

More leaf fights!

I love this picture! I'm so lucky, my husband is a special guy and he is so handsome too!

She wanted to get a few pics of Shay tossing Caden in the air. I think he went about 7 feet up!

He is an angel!

How can I resist!

Corbin was being a stinker. He kept giving everyone bunny ears. Jen thought he was hilarious. He has a fun personality!

Titan lost his two front teeth! I love these pics of him!

With Corbin there is never a dull moment.

This is a good one!

Orion is a good looking boy. He always takes really good pictures.

We loved the tree pics.

This is a sweet pic of Caden.

These two are the first ones we took out there.

We wanted to get a good picture for Christmas cards and ended up with all these amazing pictures. Jen took 250 pictures of our family. I wish we could post them all for you to see, but that would take me forever. We all had a blast. Thanks so much Jen!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


He let go of Shay and did a complete circle right back to him.
He walked to Titan.

He walked to everyone in the house!

He is so proud of himself! He claps his hands and says yea.

Caden started walking last night. He is 9 months and 1 week. He took a few steps last week and has been working on going from couch to couch, but then last night he just took off. He was walking all over. He was taking about 10 steps. We were all so excited! He is just growing up way too fast!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas on Main Street

Caden is holding his first snow ball!

The City brought in a bunch of snow and dumped it on main street for all the kids to play in.
Poor AZ kids! For most of them this was the first time they had ever seen or felt snow! The kids had so much fun throwing snow balls at each other. The best was 70 degrees outside!

This is the light parade. There were 82 floats full of Christmas lights! The parade was really long!
The boys didn't mind at all.

We had a great time. We played games and ate good food. Then we grab some hot cocoa and watched the light parade. I love this time of year!