Sunday, November 6, 2011

October Fun!

We have a awesome little park up dry fork canyon that we love. Its only about 15 mins away from our house. It's so beautiful up there.

Jana rarely smiles for the's always a funny face now.

Orion is such a good big brother. Jana adores him.

His brothers love him too! :)

Jana's new obsession...BOOTS! She loves them! (along with her daddy)

It snowed! The beginning of Oct we woke up to this so Dad helped the kids build this cool snow man. It was a blast!

Jana loved the snow. I don't think she has ever seen it snow before so this was so cool for her.

My boys have all kinds of plans for this winter. They are so excited for the snow!

Jana dressed herself...look at her "cool yellow boots". I tried to tell her the boots were cute and she keeps saying "no mom, they are cool yellow boots." She is hilarious!

We have a ton of wigs in our Halloween box. Caden found this one...he looks great huh? lol

These two are growing to be pretty good friends. This is at a park by our house.

Jana watching Titan's football game. She just stared at the game like this forever.

The Raiders!

Orion is getting too big. He decided to stay home this year (again) and pass out candy to the trick or treaters. He thinks he is too old. I told him to throw on a mask and go get me some candy... lol. That didn't work either.

We went to a cool pumpkin patch this year. It was at a big corn maze in Bluebell. We got to ride on a trailer behind a tractor down to the pumpkins. Orion and Titan were with their friends getting ready to go into the haunted maze. And it was freaky! I was scared to death!

Jana picked this little pumpkin

On the hay ride headed back to the mazes.

Our awesome pumpkins!

Jana had a hard time deciding what to be this year. For the ward party she was a princess.

Caden had the same problem. We have tons of costumes and each year I just open the containers and let them choose. Caden was batman for the ward party.

On Halloween night, Titan was a were wolf...looks freaky huh?

Scooby-doo, bumble bee, and a transformer. And see the little witch in the back left, that's their cousin Sofie...she is so adorable!

Caden loved this costume and wore it about 2 weeks straight.

Optimus Prime! We love transformers!

Jana the bumblebee. She loved her black boots the most though! She asked me to take a picture of We had a great time Halloween night. We went trick or treating with my cousins Ricci and Curt and their little girl. Then we came home and ate all the candy and watched a movie. We are loving Utah...but I'm not so excited about the winter. I have been freezing cold the past few weeks. Everyone is doing great and getting big! Including me, dang!