Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FHE Shooting

We had to try out the new BB gun!
Orion got one a few years ago on his 8th birthday.

Corbin hit the target!

Caden played in the back of the truck.

Orion loves to go shooting. He has gone with Shay for years.

Titan shattered this bottle! Dad has taught them all well! This was our activity for FHE on Monday. We had a blast! See the green tin....After we had shot holes all over it, we opened it and discovered it was a GPS Cash. (We had just picked up some trash to shoot at.) We felt so bad! We stuck it back where we found it. We have to replace the tin before it rains!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Titan!

We can't believe he is already eight!

This is the spanking machine.

He finally got a BB gun!

We had lots of fun at Titan's birthday party. He is growing up too fast! He is one of the most thoughtful people I know. He loves everyone around him and has such a sweet spirit.
Happy Birthday special boy!

Date Night

Shay and I had night away from the kids . The Mesa Temple is so beautiful and one of our favorite places to go. We had a great time together. He is so special. I love being around him.

Lots of Laughs

Caden loves Orion!
Check out this ROCK STAR!
I love kissing those cheeks!
This is Caden's first bonk. He has a black eye from it. You can't really see the damage in this pic though. The sad thing is... We aren't sure how he did it. He was laying on the floor crying. The only thing next to him was his binki.
He goes to sleep by pulling my hair! It's the only way he will fall asleep. It's a good thing Shay has some face hair! (ouch)

Shay and I are in the Scouts. It's fun to work together. And we are in there with our boys! We have plenty of boys... so we will probably be there for a while!

Poor Caden.... He crawled under the bar stool and sat up. Then he didn't know how to get out.

Corbin is a blast. I love hanging out with him and Caden all day. Lots of Laughs for sure!

Corbin's Music

Corbin is in Lets Play Music. Right now he is learning how to play Three Blind Mice. He is also learning a lot about the Staff. We sing about the notes on the staff. It is a three year program and teaches them so much through playing and singing. This is a picture of his first instrument. He loves it!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Busy Week

Titan had his Bishop interview today. He will be baptized on Oct. 11. The Bishop asked Titan who he wanted to baptize him and Titan said my Dad. Then the Bishop asked why? And Titan said because my Dad is the one who has taught me the most. The Bishop had tears and said that is the best answer I have ever heard Titan. It was so special. Shay is a really good father. He has taught his boys so much. We are so excited for Titan's special day!

We can't keep this boy out of things!
Even though we live in the city, we still take out the toys!

This is Cadens new outfit. It is his Chevy truck out fit. The front has a Chevy sign and the back says Exhaust. It is so cute on him!