Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jana is 1 week and Her Birth Story

This was minutes after she was born.
We had to stare at this sign that was in front of my bed for hours waiting to welcome Jana!

Poor Shay. This was his bed for the night after she was born. While we were waiting for her to come he had a chair to sleep in.

This is after she arrived! My parents came to the hospital around 10:00 pm. They waited all night for her. She was born at 6:32 am. It was a long night.

Here she is being weighed. 7 lbs and 12 oz!

Seconds after being born.

My parents waiting...and waiting....

and waiting....

Shay was really camera happy! It was a long night but she did finally make it!

Caden is really being good with her. When she cries he will go get her a toy. He loves to kiss her too!

Titan is so happy she is here. He is a good big brother and gets really concerned when she cries.

Corbin loves her too. He always talks to her and says "hey there baby sister". It is so sweet.

Of course... Orion is a huge helper. He loves her. He has been helping out with Caden while I take care of her. He is an amazing boy!

I love holding her. I would love to just hold her all day! She is a sweet little girl. I love dressing her too!

Grandma bought this outfit for her. Isn't she cute!

On the front of this pink dress it says "Daddy's Girl" . She is a Daddy's girl! Shay is in love!

Shay bought this teddy for her when she was born.

I love her little angelic face.

She is 1 week old today. I feel like time is flying by. I want it to slow down so I can just enjoy this little angel! Her birth story is kinda funny...Not so funny at the time though!
I started having contractions on Tuesday night. Then around 2 am Wednesday morning they were getting bad. I got up took a bath and they didn't go away. Shay woke up around 4 am and we went for a walk. They still didn't go away but they weren't consistent and I knew if I went to the hospital they would just send me home so I just stayed in bed. My back was in so much pain and then around noon they started dying down a little. Shay and I had a Temple date planned and I really wanted to go. When he got home around 1 pm we went on our date. We went to the Temple and the Sealer kept making jokes about me going into to labor. Little did he know...I was in labor!I had a few small contractions while we were in there and when we got done my heavy contractions started up again and once again they weren't consistent. So we went home and took the babysitters to YW. Shay had to run to the office and I started having bad back pain. So bad that I called him and said we have got to go now. He came home and Krista came to stay with our kiddos for the night. We got up there and they got me all hooked up. Sure enough my contractions were not consistent and the nurse said I was dilated to a 4 and I might have to go home until they get more consistent. I had to walk and if I made change then I might stay. I was in too much pain to go home! Well by the time we got back from our little walk I was a 5 1/2 and they admitted me. By the time we got to the room which was around 11:30 I was a 7 and in so so much pain!. I was moving fast and the nurse said WOW your not going to be preg much longer. HAHAHA! I didn't change much after that! 6 hours later... At around 6:00am I was finally at a 10 and the doc came in and wanted me to consider a c-section because they thought she was going to be big like Caden. They were worried that she would get stuck too. I got a priesthood blessing from Shay and my dad and felt good about going natural. Besides that, I had gone almost 28 hours and now they want to bring up a C-section! At 6:20am the doc broke my water and she was born 12 minutes later. ( I told the nurse to brake my water hours earlier!) I pushed 1 time. I wouldn't even call it a push. She was ready to come. My contractions NEVER became consistent. They really shouldn't go by that!! But overall it wasn't a bad experience it was just long. She was face up so that is why the long and back pain labor. Otherwise it would have been much quicker. Plus they should have broke my water earlier! The nurses were all great, the doc was great and now we have a beautiful little girl at home!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jana Rose Young is Here!

It was a long wait but she finally made it!
She was born 6:32 am on July 2nd.

Daddy is in love!

This is her first picture at home. We are so happy she is here. She is so sweet. There were so many blessings involved with this labor and delivery. I don't have time for details but I will post more info about her birth and more pictures later. We just got home and I think I'm going to go and snuggle with my daughter! Here is the link to her hospital pictures. Make sure to sign her baby book!