Saturday, January 7, 2012


Jana and Caden are becoming really close. They love each other so much. I had to blog about this incident that happened the other day. They have big's so fun. They were pretending they were dribbling a pretend basketball. They were passing their imaginary ball back and forth. Caden started dribbling the imaginary ball in place when Jana came and stole it. She ran off with it and he started screaming and ran back and grabbed it from her. Then she began to cry and ran and grabbed it back. He fell to the ground screaming "Jana give it back". I couldn't help but laugh. Seriously they were fighting over an imaginary ball. It was so great! I finally went and grabbed an other imaginary ball and gave it to Caden. That solved it. They both had a imaginary ball to bounce. WOW...I love being a mom!

Finally Corbin lost a tooth!

Corbin finally lost his tooth! He is 7 years old and all of his friends have been losing their teeth. He has waited and waited. Finally a few weeks ago he felt a loose tooth. He has been begging Shay for the past 2 weeks to pull out his loose tooth. Shay would try and try but the tooth just wasn't ready. Corbin was devastated each time. On Dec. 27th Shay was able to pull it out! Corbin is a whole new man now. The coolest kid in

Bring on the New Year!

We had our own little celebration on New Year's Eve. We had a blast playing Mario Kart Wii. We watched the Ball drop (at and let off our confetti and blew our noise makers. The kids loved it. Shay and I put them to bed and went out and grabbed a shake. We came home and watched a movie. It was a nice night. Orion spent it in Arizona with friends. He had a great time down there visiting with family and friends. We missed him.

It's a new year...time for goals! We are making some healthier choices in each area of our lives. Physically, spiritually and emotionally. We have already taken big steps and I am so pleased with our progress so far. The kids are working just as hard as we are. I love a fresh start!
Happy New Year!