Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Crazy January!

HAHA! I love this picture...but can you believe that not one of my kids got these blue eyes! Shay has been crazy busy at work. His schedule has been changing... night shift, day shift, late night ect. Its been crazy. He is such a hard worker. We are so thankful for him!
We made this cake for the Superbowl along with TONS of other treats! We had a great time...GO GREEN BAY!

Here is my little Willy Wonka. He wore this hat all night. He is such a little angel. He is sleeping better now too....which has made me sooo happy!

Jana and I had her first trip to the Salon. She had her first hair cut. She looks so beautiful! It was so fun getting our hair done together.

Titan took 1st in his division in the Pinewood Derby and 2nd over all. He built his car completely on his own. We were so proud of him!

Titan had to do a presentation book report and dress up like a character from the book. He read Charlie and the Chocolate factory and dressed up like Willy Wonka. We made his hat and golden ticket. I found his jacket at a 2nd hand store. It was so perfect! He did a great job!

Corbin LOVES to take pictures of himself. I love finding the pictures! Little stinker!

Jana broke her arm. She fell off of Orion's loft bed and broke one bone and bent another. Poor girl. It hasn't slowed her down at all though. She is a tough little girl!

So sweet!

My one armed little girl. She got around just fine!

Here we are at the Doctors getting ready to get her cast off. YEA! No more sponge baths! 6 weeks went by really fast.

They took X-rays and said there is still a small fracture and the bent bone will take about 12 months to heal. But we don't need the cast anymore. We just have to be a little cautious. She wants to keep up with her brothers so that's kinda hard to do!
We are doing really good. It has been busy around our house but we have had lots of fun!