Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3D Ultrasound Pictures of Our Girl!

She kept opening and closing her mouth.

Here is her little back in 3D.

She was waving at us in this one. We got to see her for about an hour. She was very hiper. She kept moving really fast and it was hard for the doctor to get good pictures. She is so beautiful! We can't wait to meet her!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Caden's First Hair Cut!

Caden was in need of a hair cut!!
You can see the chunks of peaches that he smears in his hair every morning!

He loved to take his food and pull it up threw his hair.

So we cut it!

He is so sweet!

He looks like a little boy now! He is 11 months old, but his little sister will be here in about four months so I guess it is time for him to become a little boy now! ( He will always be mamma's baby boy) I think he looks so stinkin cute. The best part....He doesn't pull his food threw it anymore!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Anniversary Trip!

Brigham Young's winter home
This is his bedroom. At that desk so many Revelations were written down.

Happy Anniversary!

Brigham's bed, cane and hat.

The first indoor toilet!

I loved his China. He ordered this , but died before it arrived.

This is their stove.

We also got to visit the St. George Temple. It was so beautiful!! We enjoyed spending the evening there.

Here we are on the air plane! We decided to fly because it is so cheap right now and I am so glad we did. Shay made me laugh so hard the whole time! I love being around him!!

We got to visit the Tabernacle .

It was so nice. We learned how they had to work so hard to build it. It was so interesting.

At this pulpit 15 out of our 16 Prophets stood and spoke. Joseph Smith is the only one who hasn't. He died before it was built. The spirit was so strong.

We flew out on Thursday and got to spend the weekend together. We went to St. George . We did so many things. Shay's grandma owns a condo at a resort there. We had the condo to ourselves! We stayed there and played all weekend. Our kids stayed with my parents. We played racket ball and went swimming. We ate TONS of good food. We went shopping, visited all the historical sites, played video games, went to movies, went to the Temple,and so so many other fun things. We had lots of fun together. I love being around Shay. He is so much fun!! I laughed the whole weekend. On Sat. Feb 14th( our anniversary) we got reservations at a really nice Steak and Seafood restaurant. We spent the day laughing and playing. Shay is my best friend. I feel so blessed to be married to him forever. He has always made me laugh. He is a great father and has always taken good care of his family. I cherish the time I get to spend with him. 11 years together and I love him more and more each day. Happy Anniversary My Love!!

Monticello Trip

This is on the way home

It started to snow just as we were leaving town.

Caden's first snow storm!

The boys were trying to catch the snow!

Shay and I were sealed in this Temple on Feb. 7Th 2004. It was so nice to visit this special Temple on our anniversary. I feel so blessed to have Shay for all eternity. He is my best friend.

Grandpa and Orion

The boys with their cousins Keaton and Colby.

Shay, his brothers and Grandpa Bennion.

We got to go to Monticello for the weekend 2 weeks ago. We went up there to visit Grandpa Bennion. This is Shay's Hero. He is an amazing person. I have had the privilege to get to know this man. He has been a great influence in my life. He has also taught Shay so many things in his life and helped him to become the wonderful man that he is today. There aren't enough words to describe how amazing Grandpa is. He has faithfully over come so many trials in his life. We had the opportunity to read from his mission journals and look at pictures from his past. I have only known him for a short 12 years. It was so neat to read about his past and learn that he has always been amazing! It was a very nice trip. We enjoyed seeing the family.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IT'S A .........