Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Titan had to draw what he wanted to do over and over and over until it was perfect!!! His pumpkin turned out pretty scary!

Corbin had some help from dad.

Orion did his whole pumpkin by himself this year.

He is kissing and giving his pumpkin bunny ears at the same time!

Titan is still drawing his ideas. Trying to figure out which is the scariest.

Corbin was grossed out by the "guts"

Brad helped Caden with his pumpkin this year. It is a silly pumpkin!

Orion made a vampire pumpkin. It is actually really freaky looking!

This is Orion and Corbin's.

This is Caden and Titan's

Here they all are.

We had a blast carving pumpkins on Monday. It is so fun to get all dirty and laugh with each other. We all got great looking pumpkins this year and had so much fun carving them.
Happy Halloween!

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Shannon and Brad said...

Ooh what cool pumpkins guys!