Sunday, February 22, 2009

Caden's First Hair Cut!

Caden was in need of a hair cut!!
You can see the chunks of peaches that he smears in his hair every morning!

He loved to take his food and pull it up threw his hair.

So we cut it!

He is so sweet!

He looks like a little boy now! He is 11 months old, but his little sister will be here in about four months so I guess it is time for him to become a little boy now! ( He will always be mamma's baby boy) I think he looks so stinkin cute. The best part....He doesn't pull his food threw it anymore!


cassie and dan said...

he IS very very cute! im still so excited to hear you are having a little girl! that will be so fun for your boys to get a little sister.

Nina Fenn said...

how cute! and look how good he's sitting there- just showing it off!

oh to make the silhouettes all you do is take a profile picture like the one here you have of caden and develop it as a 8x10 and then cut it out and paint it black. there you go, just let me know if thats confusing.

allgirls said...

he is so handsome, love the new haircut.

Shannon and Brad said...

How cute!!