Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day and our NEW yard!!

Sat we had our Easter egg hunt outside with our family. It was a very windy day, but the kids still went swimming, we had a BBQ and we hunted Easter eggs. It was great.
On Easter Sunday we got to play in our new yard for the first time! Shay has worked so hard for the past month. I posted pictures of his work......

Our DIRT yard.

Corbin and Caden enjoyed Dad's idea of work!

They had to move all the rocks and get the ground level.

These boys weren't enjoying Dad's idea of work! Here they are digging trenches for our sprinkling system. That was so much work.

The sprinkling system has been laid out and works great. Next he did the curbing all the way around the yard. He left an area for a fire pit, garden, and fruit trees along the sides of the yard.
Then we got a great deal on sod one day and had to go for it! He did most of the yard that same week. Poor guy nearly worked himself to death that week!

Before laying the sod, he had to mix soil in with our dirt and then level it all out.
Then he laid out the sod and rolled it with a huge roller. He spread the rocks around the edges. (We won't be doing the fire pit or trees anytime soon... that will have to wait a while.) Isn't he amazing! I failed to mention, after he laid sod he came in and helped me paint our down stairs then took us to the county fair. Just call him SUPER DAD!
And 2 weeks later ....Here is the yard! Orion and Titan were playing football.

Corbin and Caden were playing trucks. It was so nice outside. Shay worked so hard and it looks amazing. Because he did it all himself, it only cost $600 total. That even includes our heavy equipment rentals. I am so grateful for him and all his hard work.

Here is our Easter feast. I was so sick with the stomach flu, but they all enjoyed it! The boys dressed up like Jesus' disciples and we laid out a sheet. We watched "To This End was I Born" We ate food like they would have back then. Grapes, wheat crackers, nuts and boiled eggs. Sat night we went to the Temple and watched the Easter Pageant. It was so amazing!! I am so thankful for my Savior and what he did for me. I know He lives and because of him I get to live with my family forever!


allgirls said...

I bet it is so nice to have grass! We took the girls to the park in moab over the weekend and they were so excited to play on the grass! I wish I got that excited over little things. Your Easter dinner looked fun, you always do such fun things with your kids. How are you feeling?

Page Family said...

The yard looks great!! The boys look cute dressed up for the Easter feast!! Hope your feeling better!

Brooke Colvin said...

That is a great idea for something to do with the family on Easter Sunday. How fun to have a new backyard. And, yes, that is a TON of work, but well worth it when your kids are entertained for hours!

Amanda said...

Were there protestors at the pageant? I heard it was bad this year. I love the pics of the backyard work, Shay has his own team of cute little shirtless laborors.

Cami and Phil said...

WOW! Your yard does look So good and So fun! Good job Shay! Phil knows what that is like.. doing all the work. And you really do have to kinda get it all in at once... LOTS of work!!! Fun Easter! You guys are such a good example to us! We love you!

Shannon and Brad said...

How nice to have a yard. I bet it's so rewarding since you put it in yourselves! What a cute idea for an Easter feast.

Erin said...

What a yard! Can I hire him out if I ever get a yard??? Just joking. It looks amazing, though!