Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jana's Blessing Day

She looked so beautiful!

Daddy gave her the most beautiful blessing.

Shay's brother Craig came down from Vegas.

Here is one of the whole family!

Such a special little girl.

Shay blessed Jana on Sunday. She looked so beautiful and it was an amazing blessing. She is such a sweet baby. She giggles and talks to us. She loves to be held (all the time) but that is ok because there are so many of us that want to hold her all the time! I can tell already she has a very special spirit. She is very soft. I love having her in our family. We are so blessed.


allgirls said...

she looked adorable.. i love the first pictures, so precious!!

Lindsay said...

I am IN LOVE with that dress! Where did you get it!?? I have to buy one for our little girls blessing!!

When Shay held Jana up after the blessing, Logan said "Oh pretty baby!!!" She looked gorgeous!

Trisha said...

Your family is so adorable. I just love thinking about how those boys are going to protect their little sister later on...

RUE PARTY OF 3 said...

she is sooo cute lonnie, you finally got your girl, i bet your loving every minute of it!!

Nettie said...

That blessing dress is GORGEOUS! And so is the baby, of course. :) It was a sweet blessing. You have such a great family Lonni!