Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Santa Santa!

I wanted to post this float. I loved it! It had a solider in the front getting warm by the trash can fire and on the other side of the wall was his family at home sitting in front of their tree. It was such a touching float. I am so thankful to the people who serve this country. Most of them are away from their families right now and their families are at home missing them.

Santa came to our family party at our house on Thursday! He brought presents for all the kids!

He told me I was going to be placed on the naughty list if I didn't start taking better care of my blog!

Titan asked for a game for the WII. Hope Santa can find it!

Corbin changed his mind on some of the things he wanted and he asked for a remote control boat. I quickly reminded him that he really wants a game boy!

Lucky for him Santa already knew what he wanted and has his things ready. Whew... thanks Santa!

Orion is NOT too old to sit on Santa's lap!

Poor Caden. He didn't want anything to do with Santa! He even tried to give back the present Santa handed him.

Jana just wanted to eat him. She got a hold of his beard! Ouch!

We went to the light parade a few weeks ago. It was amazing. I think there was 98 floats. There could have been more but that's what we counted.

It was so beautiful!

The boys had a blast. It was actually pretty cold that night. We had to get out the coats! I hope you all are enjoying this Christmas time. I love the month of Dec. People seem to be more friendly and there is a peaceful spirit in the air. Merry Christmas!


allgirls said...

That would be so fun to have Santa to your self :) Poor baby... Santa can be so scary, this is the first year that my younger girls would have anything to do with him!! I hope you guys had a great Christmas!!

Cami and Phil said...

Hey we were that at the Parade with Malea and RJ.. minus Phil but plus my Father-in-law Danny. We left early because we weren't as prepared as you guys for the cold! We are TOO much into the warm weather I guess.