Monday, February 22, 2010

February Happenings

Shay and I celebrated our 12th year anniversary on the 14th!

Wow! Can't believe how fast 12 years has gone by! We have enjoyed the past 12 years and will enjoy many many more years together!

Corbin was Student of the week. He got to take Eddie the Eagle home with him for the week.
Corbin does so good in school. We are so proud of him!

Caden loves being outside. He is such a sweet little guy!

Charger really likes Caden's Binky. It is the funniest looking thing.

Jana loves her Daddy!

Jana escaped out of the house. Anytime we leave the back door open she scoots her way out and into the grass.

Here she is scooting as fast as she can!

Craig, Jenni, Elissa, Elaina, and Rylan came for a visit! It was so fun to have them all here.

The kids are popping popcorn. They had so much fun with their cousins. Wish we all lived closer!

Jana has this new thing she has been doing with her tongue lately. She loves to stick it out. She liked hanging out with uncle Craig!

Grandma Dixie made this dress for Jana. She looked so pretty in it!

We had the Pinewood Derby on the 21st. It was a blast! Titan took first. His car was named the stinger! He did a good job!

Here he is waiting to race the Stinger. All the Cub Scouts had a great time!

February has been a busy month so far. We have had a blast though!


Christy said...

Your dog is so funny. It made me laugh.

Curt & Ricci said...

Congratulations on the 12 year anniversary! Your family is so cute!

Amanda said...

Yeah, I loved the dog with the pacifier and the baby escaping. so cute.

allgirls said...

12 years... way to go! thats great. i hope you had a great anniversary. jana is adorable. love the tongue and the cheeks, so cute! (the boys are cute too) the dog and the binki is so funny :) and yes syd helped the girls with cheer camp, she did an amazing job. i bet you can't wait for all that fun girly stuff.

Lindsay said...

The Pinewood Derby was so fun - you guys are such great leaders!

Trisha said...

Congrats on your anniversary! What fun pictures.