Sunday, April 25, 2010

Get Comfy...HUGE Update!

Jana loves her Brother Caden. She does everything he does.

We went to the Pinal county fair in March. This was Caden's first trip to the fair. He had a blast!

Shay and Corbin are SO much alike...SCARY!

Caden was just glowing the whole time!

The only ride Jana got to go on...the Ferris wheel. She loved it!

Racing Orion down the slide.

Here we are at the PHX Zoo. Caden and Jana's first trip to the zoo.

She didn't make it long.

This squirrel came right up to us and let us feed it. It would just take the food right out of our hand.

We made crazy Easter eggs this year!

The egg hunt. For some reason my boys never leave their shirts on.

Caden loved his chocolate. He ate it all in 5 mins.

Beautiful Jana in her Easter dress.

Titan got his Bear! He has worked so hard in Cub Scouts. We are so proud of him. Shay is the Cub Master and I am the 2nd counsilor in Primary so we get to work with him. It has been so fun!

Mesa AZ Temple. So Beautiful!

We went up to the Temple last Monday for FHE. It was so nice. The children love the Temple grounds.
We have been having a ton of fun. I have so much more to post, but will have to do it another day! The kids are getting so big so fast. They keep us super busy! Orion is doing really good in Scouts. He is almost 12 and will be in YMs. I can't believe it! Titan is playing football this year and has been busy getting into shape. Corbin reads and is still on Honor roll! He does so good in school. Caden is our busy little 2 year old. I feel like I just follow him around all day and clean up his messes! He is so sweet though. Jana is all over the place too. She is such a daddy's girl! She is a little angel. We are all doing good! Hopefully I won't let 6 weeks go by before blogging again! Sorry for the long post. Hope you all enjoyed it!


Shelly said...

wow your family is adorable. they are getting so big. i can't believe it. Jana is adorable. aren't' girls so fun. glad you guys are doing well. big hugs

Curt & Ricci said...

You are so tiny and beautiful! You have such good kids, I hope we can be as good of parents as you guys are, we will definitely come to visit as soon as we feel we can with the baby, now that we can afford to do more. Love ya!

Elissa said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! :D LOVE the crazy Easter eggs.

Lonni said...

our family is so cool! -orion

bullfrogranch said...

wow, What a fun family you have! Love the update. We think of you often. Keep up the good work.

Nettie said...

Ok, either the squirrels at the zoo are all crazy, or we encountered the same crazy squirrel that you did when we went to the zoo. We couldn't believe how close he let us get. You guys do such fun things with your family, it inspires me to want to do more for mine. You're doing such a great job with your family Lonni!

Brooke Colvin said...

Fun pictures Lonni! I couldn't believe Jana was standing up next to Caden outside - she is so big already! All of your kids are adorable and are so sweet. Tell your hubby and boys thank you for helping us move last week! They were all such a big help, and we appreciate it sooo much!!! We miss you guys, but I love reading your blog so I can keep up with how your family is doing :)

Shannon said...

Thanks for the awesome update. So glad you are having so much fun lately! Miss you guys.

Ron - atama said...

What a great Blog. Great kids, I look forward to your next blog. You do a great job with your great family!!!

Trisha said...

I loved the update and all of the fun pictures! I loved the boys cheering their baby sister on as she walked. She is SO loved...I can tell just by looking at the boy's faces in the pictures.