Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Harvey reunion at Blue Mountain Ranch

Great Grandma and Grandpa Harvey
Jana loved playing on our cabin porch.

Got to have smores!

The deer kept coming up to our camp site and watching us. It was so beautiful!

Corbin and Blane after playing in the creek.

My uncle Lee and his 2 new grandsons. He also has a new granddaughter all born with in 10 days of each other! He and his sweet wife Ruby make the best grandparents! Congrats!

Here is the new granddaughter Sofia. Sweet little girl!

Orion made this beautiful bouquet for me.

Jana wearing her uncle Gene's hat.



Playing in the creek and mud.

Jana loving on Aunt Annie's puppies.

More Mud!

Building forts in the creek and mud.

Jana's new favorite person, Uncle Gene. He could not put her down and every time she would see him she'd start laughing. She loves him!. She spent almost the entire weekend in his arms. He spoiled her rotten!

Making hiking sticks.

Cool dudes!

Shay and the boys stayed in this tent.

As for the babies and I, we got to stay in this cabin. Which was so much fun!

Loving the mountains!

Playing horse shoes with everyone.

Titan building his fort.

Caden wasn't too sure at first about getting in the creek, but that didn't last long!

We had so much fun! This was one of the funnest reunions ever. Camping, mountains, creeks, mud, baseball, horseshoes, awesome food, family, smores, deer, trees, games, and so so much could we come back home! I can't wait until next year. I really have an amazing extended family. I love that we can all laugh and have fun together. Nobody is stressed...everyone is just enjoying all the kids, laughter, food, fun, ect. That is the way it should be! What a blast!

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Curt & Ricci said...

I loved it! I have to say though, Orion is way better at that board game then me... lol I absolutely LOVE the picture of him and Curtis drinking from the water fountain, so cute! You and you're family are amazing! I will get those pictures to you asap.