Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Vacation!

Get comfortable! I know long post are sometimes annoying but I took over 1000 pictures and it was so hard to narrow down the ones I wanted to put on here. We went to several different places in California. I didn't post all 1000 pictures but I did post a ton. I think they are all super cute!
The first place we went is Disneyland. We used our give a day get a day free tickets! It was so much fun!

Tarzan's tree house

Goofy's chair

On the train. One of Caden's favorites!

Jana with Alice

Corbin and the Mad Hatter. Corbin kept rolling his eyes at him. He was so weird!

Buzz lightyear was awesome! One of my favorites but I'd have to say I loved Pirates of the Caribbean the very best!

Next day Soak City at Knotts Berry Farm!

This place was so much fun! It had a little area for the babies which I hung out at the whole day. I loved it!

The kiddy slides. Orion ,Titan and Shay were busy on the big slides. One which was called the toilet bowl. They loved it!

Daddy's little girl!

Corbin loved it!

Orion and Titan loved all the slides!

Snoopy came to visit us during our FREE breakfast buffet!

Next day Knotts Berry Theme Park!

Can you see Corbin in there? He is so crazy! He went on every ride there! Even though he was an inch shorter than he should have been, He some how stretched his neck and body to reach the line and was able to ride all the rides!

We got soaked on this one!

Caden loved it too!

Right after lunch! Ha ha ! I think they all look sick!

Next day San Diego Sea World! This was the Shark Tunnel.

It was Jana's Birthday. We decided to take her to Sea World. $5 tickets! It was so fun too!

Swimming at the Hotel

This was the best show ever! Shamu Rocks! It was so cool and the kids loved it!

We got soaked on this ride and it was so cold!

Caden petting the Star fish.

They loved the kiddy rides!

Caden and Jana got to meet Elmo and Zoe!

Shay was enjoying the Elmo rides!

Jana turned 1 at Sea World!

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

Atlantis was so cool!

This was the funniest show. We laughed for an hour straight!

The highlight of our summer vacation was the beach!

Jana eating the sand.

All our kiddos working together to build the sand castle!

Titan working on the castle.

Look at those studs!

Caden loved the beach. He just ran around as fast as he could the whole time.

Jana blowing a kiss to dad.

Corbin being swallowed by the waves.

Orion and Titan loved the waves!

Beach beauty!

I love this picture!

Jana almost getting swallowed up by the waves! We had the best vacation. The kids had a perminant smile for the whole week. I didn't get pictures of the first night we were in California, we stayed in Topanga with a good friend of ours. It was so beautiful! I wish I would have taken out the camera. It was so nice to escape all the stress and just enjoy each other! I can't wait to go back next year!


Lonni said...

that was a reely cool vacation and the only down falls were the line for space montain ( 75 - 100 min. )
and me orion getting a bee sting!

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

I didn't think that was too long of a post at all! That looked like the best vacation ever :)You have the cutest family.

Lonni said...

Orion we will have to get you your own google account! Then you can leave all the comments you want!

Brooke Colvin said...

Looks like a fun vacation!! I love the beach and all the fun things to do in California too. And you can't beat the weather :) We are actually getting ready to go to San Diego tomorrow for a week, and your pictures made me even more excited!

Ron - atama said...

What a great post!! It looks like you guys had a BLAST!! All of your kids are growing up so well. What a great family!!!

Shannon said...

What a super duper vaca! Glad you had fun and could spend time together. My favorite picture is the one of Jana blowing a kiss. So cute!

Trisha said...

What a cute family!!! Looks like a super fun vacation. I can't believe Jana is already one. She looks like a daddy's girl.