Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where have the Young's been???

Shay and I celebrated our 13th year together. We were married on Feb. 14th 1998 and sealed on Feb. 7th 2004. Feb. is a special month for our family! We went to Payson for the weekend and had so much fun. Aunt Jan came down to watch our kids so we can have the weekend to ourselves. (THANKS JAN!) The kids LOVED having her here. We stayed at the Majestic Mountain Inn. Our room was so beautiful with a fire place and jacuzzi. We spent a lot of time laughing. We went disco bowling at night. It was so fun. I wish I had my camera. We only got a few pictures on Shay's phone. I am so thankful to be married to this man. He is my best friend.

We have been so busy with the kids school projects. Titan chose to do his science experiment on how the foods we eat effect our moods.

Orion chose solar power. It was a great experiment! They both did a great job. It was a lot of work but worth it!

Caden and Jana keep everyone in our family on their toes. They are so close to each other. Caden protects her in the nursery. We have heard several funny stories about him coming to her rescue when she cries. He is a 50 pound boy so nobody messes with him or her!

Shay has been busy with the Cub Scouts. A parent made this candy trophy for him and presented it to him at Pack Meeting for all of his hard work making the program a success. He loved it!

Titan got his WeBeLos Badge! He has worked very hard. He is working on getting his Arrow of Light. He will be out of Cub Scouts in Sep. It is so weird to think that we will not have anyone in Cubs for a year. We have been in Cubs for over 5 years. Tuesday nights will be free!


Caden turned 3! He is a huge 3 year old. Weighs 52 lbs. He is solid and very tall. He was off the charts for height and weight so over the 100%. He loved blowing out his candles. I had to put candles in all his treats for the month. He loves to play super heroes. I get to be a super hero that saves him when he dies all the time. It's so funny...he will just flop down on the floor all of a sudden and say Super hero I died. That's my cue to save the day. He is so funny!

Jana is ALL girl. She loves to dress up. She always says I'M BEAUTIFUL! She loves to talk. She can carry on a conversation better than I can.

Titan played Spring football this year. He was on the Cyclones team. He played defensive end and offensive tackle. He played for the entire game every Sat.. He is awesome. He had some great tackles!

Shay let me sleep in Conference Sunday. When conference was getting ready to start he came and woke me up. I came out to the living room and discovered our tent. We have been talking a lot about King Benjamin and how the people pitched their tents and sat and listened. The kids really enjoyed the tent. It made conference even better!

We love to play out back in our yard. We have a trampoline and a tether ball so we do a lot of wrestling matches on the tramp and tether ball tournaments. Our kids have so much fun together.

Jana wrestling her daddy!

Caden loves the trampoline. It's right up there next to food on his list!

Orion is the best big brother. He loves to play with his little brother and sister. He helps me out so much with them. I am so grateful to have such a responsible, loving son. He really is amazing. Jana whooped him at tether ball though!

Shay verses all the boys! Dad won!

Jana on the tramp. i love the hair!

They love each other...most of the time!

Me and my special little guy, Corbin.

Shay is on top of Orion, Titan, and Corbin. Caden came to their rescue!

I love to watch them play together. They are so close to each other.

Easter Sunday morning.

Jana had just gotten out of the bath so daddy was helping her look through her basket.

It was spirit week at school. This day was red, white and blue day. Corbin loved it! He said everyone is going to want to sit by me at lunch! LOL

Career day. Corbin is a police officer. Orion wants to be in the Military and Titan is going to be a NFL football player.

So this is all I could come up with for 80's day. What did boys wear in the 80's? Oh well they all loved it!

So this is where we have been for the past few months. Sorry I have been slacking with the updates. I really haven't had time to sit and blog. At least I am still taking pictures though! It has been busy but fun! I am going to do better about keeping you all updated. We are all doing great!

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Cami and Phil said...

WOW! Lots of adventures in the Young Family. I like that all the kids got a picture of the Temple for Easter. What a good Idea!!