Sunday, October 23, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS! (I'm slacking...I know)

We have had so many fun birthdays. I have been slacking on keeping this blog updated so be prepared for a super long post!

Titan had birthday on Sep 27th! He turned 11. This is a picture of him at 4 years old. He loved playing basketball! He has always liked to play sports.

Titan at age 5. He was such a monkey!

Titan at age 3. He loved to make people laugh. He was always joking around. His favorite saying after he would tell you a joke was " Tricked you in a mile" We never found out what that meant but he

This is Titan's preschool graduation. He was 3 years old. What a cutie huh?

Titan loves football! The program here in Utah isn't quite as aggressive as the one in AZ but he loved it anyway. He played on the Raiders and had a blast! Their team took 3rd place.

For his birthday...of course he got football stuff. He lives and breaths football. He loves the Tennessee Titans.

Titan earned his Arrow of Light. I had the honor of removing his Cub Scout neckerchief and replacing it with a Boy Scout one. We are so proud of him for working so hard. He is so excited about all the camp outs he will get to go on.

Titan receiving his Arrow of Light.

Titan is such an amazing boy. He loves playing and watching sports. Titan played during the whole game this season. He was on defensive tackle, offensive line, and specials. He loved playing and did awesome. He is very spiritual strong and has a soft heart. He always looks for the kid who needs a friend. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is doing really well in school, he has all A's and a B. He always does his best! We are so blessed to have him in our family. We love you Titan! Happy birthday!

Shay's buck this year! I just got this picture a few minutes ago on my phone and had to post!

Shay and I both had birthdays in Aug. I won't put our ages on here!

Corbin turned 7 on Aug 12th! He got this bike for his birthday. He is always on it. He loves the bike jumps.

Corbin is such a fun little guy. He is very active and curious. He reminds me of Dennis the Menace. Trouble follows this He loves to snuggle and cuddle with me though. He is a big time mama's boy and would do anything for me. He is always concerned for me. He loves the Gospel and always wants to choose the right. He is very social and has tons of friends. His teacher just told us that she is going to have him be the tutor aid in the classroom because he is so smart and finishes his work in 3 mins. She can't seem to keep him busy enough. He has straight A's. She said she knows she isn't suppose to have class favorites but Corbin has a personality that just makes him a favorite. It's so true. He is such a fun kid! We just love him soooo much!

We named Corbin Bennion after this amazing man...Grandpa Bennion. This is Corbin and Grandad in 2005. Grandad past away almost 3 years ago. He was the kindest, gentlest, most loving person in the world. We miss him so much.

Corbin 1 years cute!

Corbin's first birthday. He was such a curious little guy back then too! He used to get into all kinds of stuff. He was a busy little stinker!

Corbin at 7 months. I can't believe he is already 7 years old!

Corbin at 10 months. He was so cubby! Happy Birthday Corbin! We love you!


Shannon said...

These pictures are all so adorable!
It was fun seeing Shay and his buck.

Curt & Ricci said...

So fun to look back at the older pictures, I love your family!