Sunday, February 17, 2013

December 2012

 Snow, Snow and more Snow!
This was our giant snowman! Shay and the kids built him.

The snowman is taller than I am!

The kids loved playing outside in the snow.


Christmas eve cookies. We made tons for Santa!

We acted out the nativity. Shay was our narrator. Don't the boys look thrilled? lol! 

Santa's PJ elves left PJs for everyone on our door step! Everyone had new PJs!


Our Mary and Joseph!

 Craziness! Everyone is super excited on Christmas Eve!
 Yummy cookies for Santa!
 He ate them all!!
Christmas morning. :) Yes, it is still dark outside. Shay couldn't sleep so he started making breakfast at 4:00am. He was banging pots and pans around in the kitchen. It was great!

Sledding the day after Christmas!

 December has to be one of my favorite months. Focusing on our Savior and giving...what could be better. We had a great month. Each of our children worked off $30. They earned money to buy each other gifts this year. It was neat to see their hard work and sacrifice for each other. I loved watching them the night we went shopping for each other...they were so careful and thoughtful in their gifts. This will be a tradition that we will continue! It was a wonderful Christmas!


Curt & Ricci said...

I love the nativity picture, everyone looks so happy haha! I also love the sweet pic of Caden and Jana, so cute!

Shannon said...

Looks like you guys had a super wonderful Christmas! Love that snowman and the kids are so big!!!