Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our Very Special October 2012

 Corbin was baptized on Oct 13th!
 We are so proud of him and his choice to follow the Savior, Jesus Christ. He is such a strong spirit. He knows what he wants in life and he isn't afraid of going after it. He is a leader and is kind to everyone around him. He will make a good missionary someday. Corbin we love you!
 These are Corbin's best buds. They were all baptized on the same day! We had a lunch afterwards with them and their families. It was great!
 Jana and her pumpkin. Daddy helped her make a vampire.
 Orion with his BYU pumpkin! He loves BYU.
 Titan being "Titan". lol. He is such a fun kid!
 Goofy Corbin...just like his dad!
 Caden is following right along in his footsteps. Crazy boys!
 For during the day, Caden was Superman on Halloween!
 Corbin's creepy costume.

 Jana wanted to be a pirate! Cute pirate huh?
 And by night Corbin and Caden had changed their costumes. They all look great!
 I made Orion paint his face. He wasn't happy with me...lol. Titan made a perfect Joker!
This was my big project during Oct. My cousin, Ricci and I decided we would sand and stain my kitchen table. We thought it would take us a day or two. We were SO wrong. It was seriously one of the hardest projects I have ever done. It took 5 days of hard physical work. We worked every hour of daylight. (Thanks Ricci!) But the finished project was so worth it! I love it!

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Shannon said...

So proud of that cute Corbin!! Wish we could have been there. Love all the costumes. We missed you here for Halloween. Remember when all is girls dressed as cheerleaders?! That table is gorgeous!!!