Friday, December 12, 2008

New Family Pictures!

That's Corbin for you!
A friend of ours took our pictures down at the Picacho farm. ( Thanks Jen! They turned out great!) We had so much fun getting them taken. The boys loved the leaves.

Caden didn't want to walk in the leaves, he wanted to eat them.

We had so much fun in the leaves. It was so beautiful down there. This picture is of our leaf fight.

More leaf fights!

I love this picture! I'm so lucky, my husband is a special guy and he is so handsome too!

She wanted to get a few pics of Shay tossing Caden in the air. I think he went about 7 feet up!

He is an angel!

How can I resist!

Corbin was being a stinker. He kept giving everyone bunny ears. Jen thought he was hilarious. He has a fun personality!

Titan lost his two front teeth! I love these pics of him!

With Corbin there is never a dull moment.

This is a good one!

Orion is a good looking boy. He always takes really good pictures.

We loved the tree pics.

This is a sweet pic of Caden.

These two are the first ones we took out there.

We wanted to get a good picture for Christmas cards and ended up with all these amazing pictures. Jen took 250 pictures of our family. I wish we could post them all for you to see, but that would take me forever. We all had a blast. Thanks so much Jen!


allgirls said...

she did an awesome job... i love all of them, you have such a cute family.

Nina Fenn said...

your pictures are beautiful! e-mail me at with your e-mail so i can invite you to my blog. i guess i never sent you an invite, sorry!

cassie and dan said...

hey very very cute lonnie!!! those are great pictures!!!

Ricci said...

Those are really cute pictures!! What a darling family!!

christine said...

wow, she did an amazing job! those pictures show just how beautiful you and your family are. they turned out so well! will she come up to colorado? :)

Nettie said...

Those turned out SO nice!! Ok, I know who's doing our pictures next year. Perfect!!


Amazing pictures...sooooo cute. What a great family you have! You still should be in Alaska though! It's not too late to join us, ha ha. We miss you, hope your doing great.
Colleen Hall

Shannon and Brad said...

We love the pictures. What a cute family! We saved several of the family pics to our computer. Gavin would eat the leaves instead of play in them as well.

Jocey said...

They did turn out great! My kids were terrified in the tree, well Alyssa loved it, but Kamryn and Aaron just about died in the tree.

Page Family said...

Great pictures!! Does your friend travel! She really captured you all so beautifully and natural. It looks like fun.

Alice said...

I love your pictures who did them? They did a nice job, it helps a little when your a cute family.