Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Las Vegas Trip

We went to Vegas for Thanksgiving. Titan's football team played in the National Championship.
We spent Thanksgiving with Shay's brother Craig and my brother Shon and their families. It was so much fun!
Hanging out on the strip.

We went to Jenni's parents house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was so good! The kids had a blast playing out in their yard.

Corbin, Elissa, Elaina, Orion and Titan

This is Alexa, Shon's baby girl. Looks just like him! She just turned 1 in Nov. She is so beautiful!

Titans games were a blast. This is Titans friend Peyton. Titan's team had an awesome season. They ended up taking third place in the nation! We are so proud of how hard he has worked this season!

Coach Pete and Titan

Coach Loyd and Titan

This is after winning the trophy for third! This was such an exciting game!

Look at the final score! We rock!

What a stud!

Casa Grande Scorchers

Titan with the trophy.

The players earned stars for every game that they played a crucial part in winning. Titan earned so many stars. He was so proud of his helmet! He loves football! We had so much fun in Vegas with our family and team!

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Ron - atama said...

Congratulations to Titan. YOU ROCK, I am so proud of you!!!