Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catching up!!

These are pictures from Oct. I am trying to catch up! We went on a little family vacation. We stayed at the Point Resort in Phoenix for a night. It had a really fun water park with a mini golf course too. We had so much fun. This picture is Corbin coming down the slide.
Miss Jana and her Daddy. In Oct. in Phoenix it is still about 95-100 degrees. It was so nice to get out a swim all day.

They had a cool little waterfall. The boys loved playing in it.

Here is our King Benjamin tent. We set up a "tent" every General conference. It is a nice way to get the kids to sit a listen.
The month of Oct was filled with sports. Titans team wore pink socks to raise breast cancer awareness. I was proud of those boys. They got made fun of a few times by the other teams and whooped every one of them! They weren't laughing at them at the end of the games! LOL

Corbin played soccer this year. The coach says he is the most aggressive player he has ever seen. He always had the ball and made all the goals. If you look close at his face you can see the determination. He is so cute!

Orion played flag football for his middle school, The Legacy Eagles. He was wide receiver. Here he is going for the pass. HE did a great job. He practiced everyday for 2 hours. We are so proud of him!

Orion and Conner. One of his good friends that he has known forever.

Orion with Coach Mikesell
Oct was a very busy month. We had lots going on with sports. Running to practices everyday and then games on Weds, Thurs, and Saturdays. We really enjoyed it all though. They all did so good. I will post Nov. "catching up" pictures in the next few days. Football season is over and I finally have time to work on the blog!


Curt & Ricci said...

What a talented family! Jana is so cute! What a little blondie!

Nina Fenn said...

how fun! your lucky to have a house full of studly boys!