Wednesday, March 6, 2013

September 2012

Our September was busy with sports and school but the best day was Sep 27th! Titan turned 12!
 Titan is a Deacon! He was called last week to be the Deacons President. It's really a good thing for Titan. He is pretty shy and hates speaking n front of people. Now he gets to lead about 8 boys and stand up each week to conduct their meetings. I know this is preparing him for his mission! He is such a good person. He is always thinking about others. He is the one who stands up for those that are being bullied or sits by the kid who sits alone. We are so pleased with the person Titan is. He is amazing and he is spreading the light of Christ to everyone that comes into contact with him. We love you bud!
 Titan got BYU hoodie, NFL game, survival bracelets, some Priesthood books, cash and BYU tickets for his birthday! He was so excited. Football is his life and he loves BYU!
We had a blast at this game! It was so much fun and BYU won so it made it even better!

 Crazy man! I love him. Always making me laugh. :)

 Orion and Ryan, they look so much alike...its crazy.

Corbin is a character. He loved the game and was cheering the whole time.  



 Football was our life in Sep. Titan played hard and did so good. He played running back and defensive tackle.
 Here he is running the ball! #14!
 This was a cool play. The kid in the white and red in front of him is going to catch the ball and Titan laid him out. It was great! He is a beast!
They couldn't stop him. The coaches called him a work horse. He just kept going. He has a love for the game. He had a great season on this team. Then he tried out for the traveling team and got a spot as #1 running back!

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Shannon said...

Wow Titan is an amazing kid!! So proud of him. Wish we could watch him play ball sometime.