Monday, September 13, 2010

1st Day of School and My Babies!

Wow! Summer went by too fast. I enjoyed having the kids home. Orion is in Jr High this year, 7th grade. He is doing really well. He is playing football for the school team. His position is wide receiver! We are so proud of him! Titan is in 4th grade this year and the tallest 4th grader ever. lol. He is playing football with a Cyclone league this year. He is on the offensive line. He is doing awesome too! Corbin is in 1st grade and has already won the teacher's heart! He is a little smarty. He is playing soccer and doing a great job! They all work hard and I know it will be another successful year!
It's just me and my sweet babies now. Caden has had to do 3 EEG's so far this summer. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy in June. He still doesn't sleep even with his medication so we are currently doing more studies to find out why. He is such a trooper. He is a happy little guy most of the time. Busy but happy!

Jana is a doll. She has a shoe obsession. She brings me shoes all day long and I am constantly changing them for her. Most of the time they are two different ones. ( might have to work on her style a little) She is so girly. I LOVE IT!

Caden and Jana are becoming best friends. They love being around each other...most of the time. They are finally starting to play really good together. They also get into stuff together which means twice the mess to clean up. I am so happy they have each other!


allgirls said...

That is so cute that they play so well together :) since my big girls are in school all day, Ashley gets so bored and misses her sisters so much!

Trisha said...

I'm sorry to hear about Caden! Hopefully his medication will get figured out soon.

Melanie Allred said...

Poor little Caden. I hope and pray things improve soon. I love reading your blog you have such a sweet out look on things. I wish I was as sweet as you. Maybe someday.

Christy said...

Little Jana isn't so little any more. What a cutie. Sorry to hear about Caden. He is so happy and smiley all the time, even at the Hospital.