Monday, September 13, 2010

More Birthdays!

Corbin turned 6!

We had cake at home and went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate his big day! He had a blast!

He is so GOOFY! Just like dad!

I loved watching all of them dance. They were on all the screens. It was hilarious!

Corbin is my little man. He is so considerate and is always looking out for me. His teacher writes a progress note home each week and she said he is one of the most considerate students she has ever had. He is always trying his best at everything he does. Right now he is playing soccer and giving it his all. He is a good brother and friend. He loves to joke around and play pranks. He brings so much joy to our family! Happy Birthday Corbin!

We had a family party for the boys. Orion got this lantern from grandma and grandpa. He is so excited to use it! He goes camping once a month with the scouts.

It was also my birthday in Aug. I came home from church to this. My parents decorated my yard with these BIG candles and a sign that says happy birthday. It was so sweet! I didn't get pictures of my party, but Shay and the kids gave me a yummy chocolate cake. Shay had taken me out to Olive Garden and shopping the night before. It was a great birthday! Orion had to give a talk that day in Sacrament meeting. He mentioned to everyone that it was my 23rd birthday. He is such a sweet kid! Happy 23rd birthday to me! lol

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allgirls said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you :) but most of all, HAPPY 23RD to you!!! I wish I was 23 again ;) If you really want one of the save the ta-ta shirts, Staci Hoggard made them, she would probably make you one too... let me know if you want her number!