Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Titan! Titan! Titan!

Titan had another great game! Orion got to help out on the side lines this game.

Look at how soaked he is! The games are 2 hours long and he is constantly blocking and running. He gives his all at every game and practice. He is in good physical shape! The practices are 2 hours long as well. Two hours of up downs, running, mountain climbers, the bear crawl, ect. I wouldn't last 30 minutes!

Here is my sweet Caden hiding under the bleachers!

Lucky for me there was a park next to the football field at this game!

Jana loves the park!

Of course, we won again. Nobody can even score against us. I love it! They are an awesome team. Go Scorchers!!

Corbin agrees, #76 rocks!

Titan turned 10! I made him a pancake breakfast before school. After school he choose KFC for dinner and then we had a family party for him!

Shay gave him this giant football chocolate. He loved it!

Opening presents at our family party.

I can't believe he is 10!

Titan is such a blessing to our family. He has a big heart. He always pushes himself to do better. He is a friend to everyone. He is a great example to those around him. He loves playing football and about any other sport too. He attends a school that is really challenging. They are 1-2 grades harder than normal public schools and he is doing so good! We are proud of the young man he is becoming. When his coaches or teachers talk about him they always use the word determined. He is determined to do his very best. He is amazing! Happy birthday Titan! We love you!


Ron - atama said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Titan!!! You are a great young man. Keep up the good work in school and in football. You have great potential that can only be reached by YOU!!! Soar with the Eagles and you will find great success.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Titan! I also love that we became mothers to these two great boys on the same day 10 years ago!