Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brag time!

Titan got to dress up for a special Colonial party at school. He looks pretty good! He is doing really well in school. He has all A's and one B. He works hard. His teacher always has great things to say about him. He loves science. He has to do one science project a month in his school. Keeps us busy but he loves it!

Orion did his science experiment on heating a room with a window covered by a plastic black sheet. He raised the temperature of our kitchen by ten degrees Fahrenheit. His science teacher picked 50 science projects out of 400 to enter into a science fair at Utah State University. He had to present his science project to the judges and tell how his project would help the community. He won first place! We are so proud of him! He is also doing really well in school. He made the high honor roll!

Caden started preschool! YAY!! Noticed that he is not wearing It takes about 20 minutes to get socks and shoes on him. He doesn't like the feeling. He was diagnosed with a sensory disorder recently. He is doing much better though. At school he gets therapy and they help us with things we can do at home. He is sleeping better too! :)

This little girl is sooo girly! She loves anything pink. She walks around with a baby doll in her hand. If you ask her what Santa is going to bring her she says a "Pink Doll". She has her daddy wrap around her little finger. He told her no no today and she began to cry. She milked it. He held her and she kept saying "my daddy told me no no." She is so fun!

Corbin is still a character! He is always making us laugh. He is getting straight As. His teacher loves him. He has a ton of friends. He is so out going. He has been such a helper with Caden. He comes home from school and goes straight to Caden to play with him. It's a nice break for me! :)

I love being a mom...I have amazing kids! :)

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allgirls said...

I bet you are a GREAT mommy!! And your kids are super smart and talented :) you deserve to brag!