Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011!

Corbin did a great job singing at his Christmas concert. I was really surprised to see that the teacher talked him into wearing the antlers and red nose. He is just "way too cool" for things like that now.

On Christmas Eve we decorated Christmas cookies for Santa, went to the movie Aurther's Christmas, watched a movie about our Savior's birth and drove around and looked at Christmas lights in our new pajamas that magically appeared on our doorstep every Christmas eve... It was such a fun day!

Titan enjoying his sugar cookies topped with all sorts of candy!

Corbin's plate looks amazing! I was so impressed with their cookies.

I told Orion i needed a picture before he could eat the cookies so here he is waiting patiently for me to take the

Jana was so proper and used her knife to decorate her cookies. Her brothers were just the opposite and used their fingers while licking the frosting every now and then.

We tracked Santa most of the evening. The kids went to bed as soon as he hit Canada. Shay and I stayed up and watched A Christmas Story. Love that movie!

Shay couldn't sleep all night. He got up at 4 am and waited. He finally started making breakfast at 5:30am which woke up Corbin. Next was Orion and Titan. Our bedroom is downstairs so they all started stomping to wake me up at 5:45! Poor Jana was so tired. Caden didn't want to get up so we took one of his presents down to him to lure him to the tree. It worked! We were all sitting by the tree by 6am!

We drew names this year. Titan drew Caden's name and gave him this Joker castle. Caden loved it! Caden got batman toys from Santa, a remote control car, play dough sets, Super hero sets, marshmallow gun and more! He loved it! ( he is not naked...but close! He doesn't like the feeling of clothes so he runs around in his undies all day...BURRR!)

Jana kept asking me with each present if it was ok to open Even though her daddy said it was ok she would still look at me to make sure. She got a dollhouse and baby doll from Santa, a baby alive doll, pink dress, a few more baby dolls and princess dolls and from her daddy ( he drew her name) she got a jewelry box, a beautiful picture, and princess dress up stuff...she loved it!

This is the picture that Shay got Jana for her room. The little girl in the picture looks a lot like Jana. It's a beautiful picture and brings tears to my eyes when I look at it. Shay is so sweet!

Corbin had a blast Christmas morning! Orion drew his name. Orion got him some legos, a Nerf sword and a Nerf axe. He got a 3D ds and spy stuff from Santa, soccer ball and a wii soccer game, army men set, Nerf guns, marshmallow guns, walkie talkies, signed up for a soccer team, and some board games.

Orion loved his Christmas! He got and Ipod touch and an Itunes gift card from Santa, some BYU cloths, hunting clothes, mom got him a charger tie ( i drew his name) and from the family a trip to Casa Grande! We wrapped up this suit case and put his airplane ticket inside of it! He was so shocked! He will be spending New Years Eve with his best buds in Casa Grande! It was so fun to give it to him.

Titan got a 3D ds from Santa, spy stuff, Nerf gun, marshmallow gun, BYU clothes, Kick boxing training video, Corbin got him a huge pack of Pokemon cards and a chess set and from the family he got a cell phone! We wrapped it up in this huge box. We put a gift certificate for Cafe Rio inside it. After he read the certificate his phone started ringing at the bottom of the box. He was so surprised! He kept digging and then came to a smaller box that was all taped up...he was struggling to open it. It was so exciting!

He had to get out the tools to get it open! It was so fun to watch!

I got spoiled! Caden drew my name. He got me a beautiful necklace set and some ear rings. Titan made me a beautiful necklace. He has been secretly working on it for the past month. So sweet! Shay really surprised me... I got this gun! I'm going hunting this year!! We went out shooting and I nailed my targets! I also got this new super warm Columbia coat, ear rings, necklace, a beautiful bracelet, and shay got me a picture of one of the ten virgins...the picture has a lot of meaning to me. We just did a RS lesson on each one of the Virgins and what they represent. It meant a lot that he was so thoughtful in the picture he choose for me. It is so beautiful. The spirit is so strong when I look at it and reminds me to stive to be pure in heart... I love it! He is so good to me. :)

Jana drew her daddy this year. She wanted to get him a snow man! So we found a snowman ornament. She also got him a New York Yankees leather wallet. He got a new outfit from American Eagle, a Cabelas hoodie, a new hat, some awesome binoculars, and a gym membership with workout clothes, shoes and vitamins. I think he was a happy man!

Jana dressed up all day on Christmas day. She loved all her new dress up stuff! Here she is as Sleeping Beauty!

Snow White!

A Pink Princess!

Cinderella and holding her Cinderella doll. She loves her new dress up stuff!
Christmas day was a blast. We opened presents, had a yummy breakfast, went to church and then came home and played with all of our new gifts. We got Mario Kart wii which was a huge hit all day! It was a nice relaxing fun day!

So this picture is a little blurry because I had to take it really fast before he saw me. I snapped this picture of Santa around 12:45am on Christmas day. I heard a noise and ran up stairs to see what it was. Corbin had put my camera on the piano just in case. Sure enough I got it! I ran back to bed and went to sleep so he could finish our stockings. I had to be pretty sneaky and we got it!

Merry Christmas everyone! We are so thankful for this wonderful holiday. We are thankful for all our friends and family. We are so thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ. We feel so very blessed to know Him.

We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Erin said...

You guys look like you had so much fun this Christmas. It's so great to have a big family during the holidays. I'm loving all your comments on our blog. It's fun to know that you share memories with friends. Happy New Year!