Sunday, December 18, 2011

Love this time of year!

I love Christmas time! We went to Salt Lake City for Caden's EEG appt a week ago. The Temple lights were so beautiful. We went for a carriage ride around Temple Square. The sweet Spirit around the grounds was amazing.

Everyone helped out decorating the tree. I love getting our Christmas boxes out. We always put up the ornaments and crafts the kids made. We have ornaments from 10 years ago. It brings back so many memories. I'm so glad I saved all of these crafts and ornaments that the kids made in school. They laugh and talk about their memories each year we put the tree up.

Caden loved the Nut Crackers! He played with these for days.

Caden put the Star on the top of our tree this year. We feel so very blessed that he is with us right now. Back in July he had a drowning accident. I haven't blogged about it because it still gives me anxiety. Someday I will tell the story. Heavenly Father placed a wonderful person, Chad Smith, in our path that day. Chad hadn't swam in years. He just felt like he needed to be there that day. Caden had no pulse when Chad grabbed him from the lifeguard. I know Heavenly Father sent angels that day. I feel so very blessed that we get to enjoy his sweet little laugh today. I don't take it for granted. Sometimes I will just sit and stare at could have been so different. Our lives would have been so different today. My heart would have been so broken. I'm so grateful for this little boy's life. That we were given more time with him. He is such a sweet little boy. We love him so much.

I am so thankful for this time of year. I love reflecting on our Savior, Jesus Christ , and His life. I feel so blessed to know Him. I feel so blessed that I have been given a chance to have the Gospel in my life. I'm grateful that my husband invited the missionaries into our home 14 years ago. I am so grateful that my children are taught about Jesus Christ. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be with my family for all eternity... I am feeling so very blessed. :)


allgirls said...

You have such an adorable family! Reading about Caden's accident again brought tears to my eyes... so glad he is OK!!!!

Curt & Ricci said...

We are so grateful for Caden too! We love that kid, he is so funny! Love you guys!