Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FHE Shooting

We had to try out the new BB gun!
Orion got one a few years ago on his 8th birthday.

Corbin hit the target!

Caden played in the back of the truck.

Orion loves to go shooting. He has gone with Shay for years.

Titan shattered this bottle! Dad has taught them all well! This was our activity for FHE on Monday. We had a blast! See the green tin....After we had shot holes all over it, we opened it and discovered it was a GPS Cash. (We had just picked up some trash to shoot at.) We felt so bad! We stuck it back where we found it. We have to replace the tin before it rains!


Ricci said...

That is awesome..I guess I am chicken to let even BB Guns in my house. I guess if you have the right training. You guys are so cute!!

Curt & Ricci said...

He got out of his kennel and followed me walking on a busy street and he ran out in front of a car, it was the most terrible thing I've ever witnessed! I had to carry him dead a mile home he bled all over me it was so heartbreaking. He was our baby.

Nina Fenn said...

hey lonnie,
i love reading about your families fun times! i just started blogging also, heres my address: pnnfenn.blogspot.com

Amanda said...

Lonnie, I love blogging. So glad I found yours, I'm better at getting to know people this way cuz I'm such a chicken. :) email me if you want an invite to mine. mamnwhite@gmail.com btw, we love to go shooting too.

christine said...

it's great that your family has things like that that you all like to do together. how fun!

Jocey said...

I love you guys, you are so fun. That is so funny you hit the gps tracker thing. Of course!

Shannon and Brad said...

This is the coolest FHE activity ever!