Friday, September 5, 2008

Corbin's First Day of Preschool

He is so excited!
Don't you love the Thomas backpack?
Corbin has started preschool. His first day was on 9/2/08. He loved it! He has a friend from his primary class in there with him. He came home and was shouting "Mom I know what the day is....It's Tuesday!" He was so eager to tell us everything he learned. We are happy for him.



Lonni and Shay,
Love the new blog, great design, and looks like you had a wonderful time in Monticello.
We will be doing another Adak, AK trip for Caribou this nov 17 for a week, you're invited if ya'll want to come. The best way to get tickets is to go to Alaska Air, reward miles, buy some air miles, it was 15,000 miles last yr, which cost me $350.00, plus another $350 for total of all the housing, truck rental and ARGO rental, we only saw about 800-1000 head of animals per day, within shooting range. The bag limit is...well there is no bag limit, this is a herd control area, shoot all you want, just no more than 2 mature bulls per person.
Have a great day.

Shannon said...

What a cutie! All ready for preschool. He has gotten so big.