Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just a few of the family

It is hard to take a picture in our house without Corbin sneeking up on you and giving you bunny ears. He just thinks it is so funny!
Titan is an angel. He is so kind to everyone. He is always trying to make others happy. He is a good example to all of us.
Here is my love! It is so easy to smile when you are around Shay.
Orion loves to hold Caden. It is so nice that he is so willing to help out with his brothers. He is such a good brother.


Shelly said...

you have such a cute family. i can't believe how handsome all your boys are. Caden looks just like Corbin did as a baby.

Shannon said...

Lonni, you are so beautiful. Your family is adorable!

Ron - atama said...

What a handsome group of "Young" missionaries in trainging.It is so fun to watch them and see their excitement for life. They are great boys with a great set of parents as examples. I am excited to be associated with them.

Take care and be safe!!! Life is Good!!!!

Ron A.