Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bath time!

Caden loves bath time. During the day he will crawl into my bathroom and start pounding on the tub. He stands there and smiles at me. How can I resist? So... he usually takes a few baths a day. He loves it. Today he was standing there saying ba. I guess that means bath. He is growing up way to fast!!! He is 8 months now and every day he gets sweeter. He loves to cuddle. He would sit all day in my lap and hug me if I let him. Some days I wish I had time to just let him do that!


Lindsay said...

Danika is the same way with bath time.. though i don't bathe her more :( i'm a mean mommy. I think i fixed the video. try it again. Danika has my husband's eyes, I hoped she's have them before she was born & I hope all of our kids will. I have my brother's sister-in-law take our pictures, she is really good. Thanks for your comment.

Christy said...

He is the cutest baby!

Shannon and Brad said...

Gavin loves bathtime too! He is such a cutie. btw..we have decided we are not exchanging gifts this year!
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