Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grandpa Bennion

Shay, Caden, and Grandpa
Shay and his special Grandpa

Corbin Bennion and Grandpa Bennion

Grandpa Bennion is a very special person. He is always serving others. When he used to walk to work you would often see him picking up trash off the roads. He has been a great influence in Shay's life. Shay loves this man more than words can say. He is a great example to everyone around him. He has the best sense of humor. I love to be around him. I laugh most of the time. He is always walking up behind someone and scaring the heck out of them!!The picture above is just a few of the grand kids named after him, there are many more. Shay is visiting him this weekend in Monticello, Utah. This trip means a lot to Shay. When Shay is here in AZ he talks every day about Grandpa and talks to him every night. What a special guy he is. Shay was so blessed to have Grandpa Bennion as his Grandpa! WE MISS YOU GRANDPA!


christine said...

wow. how wonderful that shay has such a great man to look up to. glad he got to make the trip up to go and see him, those kind of sacrifices are always so worth it.

Erin said...

It's always so nice to have people like that in your life. What a great influence.

Alice said...

I love the story, It realy shows what kind of people you and your family are. Ok,it made me cry a bit I miss being around you guys and the boys.