Saturday, November 15, 2008

Softball Season is Over

I told him he needed to pose for me!

I know....... we are always kissing.

We are so sad the season is over. This is what we do every Thursday night. Shay's team ranked 4th out of 16 teams. They rocked this season! They start again in Jan. Orion and Titan's first game is next Sat. They are on a winter Little League team. I'll post pics next week!


christine said...

how fun. i always loved going to softball games in az. the weather is perfect for it! you guys are so cute.

Lindsay said...

it's always sad when it's over. I still play too, well I did up until I had our lil girl. Now I have to work nights so that means: no more playin :( Your family is so cute Lonni, and yes.. you guys are always kissing.. gees you guys still act like teenagers :) it's a good thing.

Curt & Ricci said...

There is nothing wrong with Kissing! It's good for ya! I miss you guys and wish we were there to play softball too, that would be RAD!

Jocey said...

I miss it!!! but it has been nice not having somewhere to go every night!!